Residential & Commercial

Some years ago, old copper networks were still installed in the residential homes. Nowadays, network operators have already started to replace them with fiber optics.  These changes are needed to cope with the demand of more and more bandwidth in the market because of many online portal such as Youtube and high-definition television (HDTV).  Unlimited bandwidth is no longer demanded only by a number of companies but it has also become an important need of private consumers.

Besides of the residential need to the fiber optics, commercial areas such as office building, arena/ stadium, and university are among those buildings that require good IT infrastructure to serve current demand and to anticipate new technology in the future.  Our company is confident to help our customers to maximize the building capacity.



The changes in IT will surely bring huge impact to the changes in telecommunication.  Information of voice and video will be transferred faster from the sender to the recipient in the future compared to that nowadays.  Hence, telecommunication devices and systems have to be built to support these changes in technology.  Our company works together with the principals to provide products and systems that can support the changes in technology for 20 years ahead.


Hotel and Hospital

How many people would like to stay in a hotel that doesn’t have WIFI? We surely have the answer for this question.  Information technology plays a very important part in a hotel besides of good services and nice rooms.  A good system in IT infrastructure will help a hotel to stay in the hospitality business longer and acquire higher ROI than those with a bad IT infrastructure.

Nowadays, we do not depend on only humans to cure disease but also machinery and technology devices.  The reason is that machinery and technology devices decrease human errors and they have higher precision.  Hospitals must be real multi-skilled operations as essentially they need to satisfy all the demands of reliability, convenience and safety and also economic and ecological efficiency.  Wireless communications, energy supply, heating, air conditioning and ventilation, monitoring, access control, lighting and alarm systems are needed.  Our company with the help of our partners and teams are ready to fully support hospitals in Indonesia as an act of giving back to the society for a better healthcare system.



Mass Rapid Transportation (MRT), monorail, airport, and electrical train are among those transportation that require high technology system. 

Increasing mobility, rising passenger and baggage traffic and the ever increasing volume of freight transported by air and rail necessitate considerable investment in transport hubs. New buildings, expansion and renovation of tram and underground systems as well as of airports and railway stations are generally mammoth projects involving a plethora of permits, requirements, coordination, consultation and agreement measures.

Intelligently planned, perfectly functioning electric and ICT infrastructures are vital if transport hubs are to cope with high passenger and freight volumes while guaranteeing trouble-free operation. Ideally the requisite systems will have all permits and certificates and offer users long-term warranties.Huge investment and time are needed to build these transportation systems. Our project references in both Indonesia and globally are the evidences that the brands we carry are among the best in the world. 


Oil & Gas

Oil and gas mining are among the most dangerous mining in the world.  High precision and technology are needed to support the exploration and the mining processes.  Hence, IT infrastructure and systems are required to provide the best solution to this industry.


Data Center

Data Center is the brain of a company.  Your business critical data, applications, and systems must be available at all times so that your business processes run smoothly.  At the same time, your data center should be as easy as possible to manage, allow expansion and modernization when required and be energy efficient in operation.  You can only meet these requirements with a carefully planned and sophisticated infrastructure.  Our company and the team help you to design and fulfill those requirements.  

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